Capturing this long eared owl was a huge day for me! It's one of the hardest owls to find and it happened in a location I never would have expected! It’s where i walk my dog every day and while I quite often have my camera with me, it never fails that the days something epic turns up, I decide to leave it at home. And this was one of those days. I heard a group of magpies and jays kicking up a ruckus and when I went to look, a fella was standing there with his camera and said he thought it was a great horned they were harassing. Moments later it flew out and landed elsewhere and to my surprise, it was a long ear! And I was crushed I didn’t have my camera. Not only that, I was on the very far end from where I parked the Jeep. So I made the decision to try to rush home and grab my gear and hope it would be there when I got back. I RAN to the Jeep (and I don’t care to run lol), got home, dropped off my pup and rushed back. Sure enough it was still there and I managed to snag a few frames. The best lit ones have his face obscured by a tonne of branches but this one was nice and clear.


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