Feedback. It’s something we all desperately crave as artists and photographers.

As nice as it is to hear kind words from friends and family about our work, non-photographers don’t necessarily understand the nuances of the craft and those platitudes won’t help our growth and development.

Conversely, finding meaningful, constructive and kind criticism from pros outside of conferences can prove difficult for many photographers. While conferences may offer quick portfolio reviews and image critiques, which can be helpful, it’s tough to really get into meaningful discussion in the times allotted and many people are unable to attend the few conferences that are around.

During our inaugural Lightchasers event, I realized just how hungry people are for feedback, so I’m very pleased to now offer online Portfolio Review sessions. These sessions will be kind yet constructive and are a sure way to help you improve as a photographer. 

Cost: $100 for 5 images, $150 for 10 images, $250 for 20 images

Contact Shane For More Info and to Book