Shane Turgeon is an award-winning nature photographer focused on landscapes, the night sky, storms, and wildlife. His work has been featured by Canadian Geographic, the Natural Landscape Photography Awards, PhotoLife magazine, Black Rapid, the CBC and more and he is a proud ambassador for f-stop gear and McBain Camera.

Shane began his photography journey in 2015 as an escape from both his busy professional world and a debilitating depression. While out walking his dogs, Shane began taking photos of small scenes - flowers, trees, frost covered grass - with his iPhone 4 and it helped him rediscover his connection with nature. Soon after he found himself desiring to be outside more and more and photography became the perfect vehicle for him to begin his healing journey. He began to cultivate an “in-the-moment” mindfulness while out in the landscape which continues to drive his work today.

Shane enjoys shooting small and intimate scenes just as much as he enjoys chasing amazing light in epic locations and has worked hard to cultivate his own unique style in an industry now dominated by overly processed images or the mundane and cliche look of the outdoor “influencer.” Since picking up his camera for the first time, Shane has traveled through much of western Canada exploring some of the most photogenic locations both on and off the map.

While pursuing nature and landscape photos for his own personal pleasure are his primary focus in photography, he also has a keen passion for sharing both his art and the mental health benefits of nature photography and passing on his experience and knowledge to other photographers. In 2022 Shane created the Lightchasers Nature Photography Conference in Pincher Creek, Alberta; an annual event which brings photographers together to learn from some of the top names in Canadian photography with an emphasis on education, exploration and community building.

When he’s not on the road with his old adventure pup, Kwinn, Shane keeps himself busy at home in Edmonton, Alberta with a variety of things such as managing his tattoo shop, Shades of Grey, and engaging with the collectible toy and comic community through his event, The Edmonton Collector Con. Shane also teaches Japanese Jujitsu, an art he’s pursued for nearly 20 years and enjoys passing that art on to others through regular classes and self-defense seminars.

All of his images are available for licensing and he is available for commercial photography opportunities in the travel and tourism, concert and event industries. Shane has worked with the Government of Alberta, Volvo of Edmonton, and is the house photographer for The Venue at the River Cree Resort and Casino. Contact him for any interesting projects you might have.

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