Unlike other photographers who farm their printmaking out to third-party, online companies, Shane is involved in every step of the printmaking process; from colour correction, to sizing and material selection, and shipping. This ensures the highest level of quality and customer service for every order.

Despite the wide variety of materials now available to print on, Shane prefers to produce his prints on Ilford Galerie Gold Mono Silk paper and works with the finest local printmaker to achieve the highest quality prints possible. If you would like a print of one of Shane’s images on a different material such as canvas or metal, please send him an email and he’d be happy to discuss the best options for your needs.

Editions and Sizing

Please note that there are several options to choose from when selecting your print for purchase based on aspect ratio and edition options. In our galleries, the dimensions that are listed beside each edition option are for the image size, not the final size of the overall print which includes a white border. All of the dimensions for each aspect ratio and edition size are noted below:

Standard Edition
2:3 Aspect Ratio: 12x18” image size, 16x22” final print size
4:5 Aspect Ratio: 12x15” image size, 16x19” final print size
1:1 Aspect Ratio: 16x16” image size, 20x20” final print size

Studio Edition
2:3 Aspect Ratio: 20x30” image size, 24x34” final print size
4:5 Aspect Ratio: 24x30” image size, 30x36” final print size
1:1 Aspect Ratio: 30x30” image size, 36x36” final print size

Gallery Edition
2:3 Aspect Ratio: 30x45” image size, 36x51” final print size
4:5 Aspect Ratio: 36x45” image size, 40x49” final print size
1:1 Aspect Ratio: 44x44” image size, 50x50” final print size

Gallery Edition prints are strictly limited to 3, plus one artist edition.

These prints are true, fine-art collector’s editions. They are impressive in their size and quality and are the perfect addition for a feature wall in a home or professional setting such as a medical clinic.

Master Edition
The prints are very large, custom designed, 1/1 prints made specifically for a desired space or installation. If you’re interested in a Master Edition print, please inquire.

All sizes are available unframed, framed with non-glare glass, or framed with anti-reflective glass but please note that framed options are only available for local customers.