Double Mint


The first night I visited this magical spot, I was led here by promises of reasonably clear skies that turned out to be anything but. A giant bank of cloud decided to park itself directly in the path of the core, completely obstructing it. I waited for an hour but it just ended up getting worse. Knowing the next night promised “for sure” clear skies I used my time to explore compositions, really dial in my scene, figure out the best position for my lights and make myself extra prepared for the following night. Sure enough, deadly clear skies prevailed the following evening so I whipped back over to be all set up for the end of astronomical twilight. I got everything ready to go and just as I was about to start firing my frames, some jack hole pulled up on the opposite side and sat there with his high beams on for 20 mins completely ruining the shot. Sigh. I flashed my headlamp at him, I waved frantically all to no avail. I just had to wait it out. And boy was it worth the wait to come home with this beauty!

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Milky way, stars, night sky, nightscape, waterfall

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