Hopes Fall


Sometimes my images belie the conditions I faced while making them. Looking at this shot, I feel like it’s one of the most peaceful and contemplative works I’ve made in a long while. But capturing this image was anything but. The bitter spring winds were howling through the canyon, blowing intense spray off the falls, forcing me to wipe the filters off between every shot. In any other situation, I would have been miserable. But I felt compelled to finally come away from the lower part of this location with a shot I was happy with (after a few failed attempts) so I was running around trying to force myself away from the immediate compositions that come to mind in order to take a different approach. In the end it was more than worth it. I came away with not one but two images I was very happy with, using different compositional techniques that I feel are needed in a spot like this. When you’re in the zone like that, the harsh conditions seem completely irrelevant but in hindsight, they also make for a pretty great story.

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