After a late start due to clouds, we raced through the metal sculptures of Anza Borrego trying to get as many comps as we could before day break. I knew it would be dicey to make it to the south end in time but pushed for it anyway as I really wanted this guy with the Milky Way. By the time I got there and set up, first light had cracked the sky and I missed out on this shot in total darkness. But truthfully, I'm really happy I did. Because the light and wisps of cloud made the scene mystical and dreamlike - and different from everyone else's shots. I think my friend Kai, who's 10, summed this one up better than anyone could: "that’s like a secret look into the past. I dream of seeing such beautiful creatures in their time period. Imagine what kind of sky they saw with their eyes. This picture takes me to that place; a place I could only dream of". Man, that kid gets it. Thanks, Kai, for inspiring MY imagination today.


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