After a disappointing storm near Innisfail earlier in the day, Mark Jinks and I decided to make our way home in the hopes that some towers we saw going up in the distance might turn into a worthy chase. As we neared Ponoka the towers seemed to be rolling over one another and eventually formed this incredible low precipitation supercell. We positioned ourselves outside Maskwascis and waited for this beautiful system to make its way to us. As it neared it shifted south and we had to change positions. Stopping quickly to capture this beauty over a canola field, we heard what sounded like a thousand horses galloping across the prairie in chase of a runaway freight train. We turned behind us to see the hail core bearing down on us so with great haste we packed our gear and sped down the gravel road, avoiding the ruts and potholes in the process. We cleared the core (barely!) and chased the southern edge of this beauty for two more hours before it began to fall apart. July 8, 2022.

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